“Poema” (listen, lyrics) is one of my favorite songs, and as Keith of ToTango says:

“Right now, if you are a dj, you darn well better have a good version of Canaro’s “Poema” ready to go. It is a “new” hit.”

“Poema” is written by Eduardo Bianco and Mario Melfi. It’s most famous in Francisco Canaro’s version sung by Roberto Maida. In fact I only found one other version by Ranko Fujisawa, a female Japanese tango singer from the fifties with “the voice of an angel”. It’s not a bad version either.
Oh yes, and there’s an accordion musette version by Tony Murena…

Many couples did demo’s on “Poema”, from the old guard to the more innovative dancers like Chicho and Dana y Pablo. It are mostly improvisations, not choreographies, which makes it interesting to watch.

The old guard:
Ricardo Vidort and Liz Haight
Carlos Copello and Luna Palacios
Tete and Silvia

The younger generation:
Javier Rodrigues and Geraldine Rojas
Fabian Peralta and Natacha Poberaj

The new generation:
Mariano “Chicho” Frumboli and Eugenia Parilla
Pablo Inza and Moira Castellano

These are what I find to be the best videos. I wanted to add Pablo Villarraza y Dana Frigoli as well, but the video is dark and split in 2 parts. And there are more in my “Poema” playlist on YouTube.

If you know more versions of “Poema” or find more videos, please let me know so I can add them to this page!


13 Responses to “Poema”

  1. Vero Says:

    There is our version of it :-):

  2. René Says:


    Your comment and your YouTube selections are very dear to me. Listening to Poema is one of the great pleasures in my life, dancing to its music means even more to me (and my wife). Maybe playing this music on my accordeon might still add something from heaven to my earthly life: imagine me playing it while my tango friends are dancing!
    Unfortunately, I cannot find the music sheets of this wonderful music. Could you possibly give me a hint as to where I can download or buy it? Thank you in advance.



  3. Jonah Says:

    check youtube for Pablo Rodriguez and Noelia Hurtado dancing “poema” it is the best combination of villa urquiza with a younger generation twist. In my opinion of course…

  4. Milore Says:

    Here is a version I enjoy also. Sigrid Tilbeurgh and Pablo Kliksberg dancing “Poema’ at her sister’s wedding. Very nice.

  5. dekay.org » links for 2009-02-06 Says:

    […] 2.8.0 plugin for WordPress (tags: wordpress plugin lightbox gallery photos via:mento.info) Poema « Universalis “Poema” (listen, lyrics) is one of my favorite songs, and as Keith of ToTango says: […]

  6. Anne Says:

    Juan Sanchez Gorio has a nice version of Poema.

  7. Mladen Says:

  8. Silvio Says:

    Really I’m moved, it’s fantastic.

  9. Edith Says:

    Thank you for the collection of my favorite song… poema… It happens sometimes in a Milonga that I am not sure if I should dance to it or simply listen and let the mind dream away…

  10. Charlotte Says:

    Older couples dance it so sweetly… A beautiful, touching interpretation by Carlos and Rosa Perez:

    Another beautiful one, by Osvaldo and Coca Cartery:

  11. Yana Says:

    poema was first recorded by Eduardo Bianco, I don’t know who was his vocalist

  12. rebornbhms Says:

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  13. Alleyboy Says:

    Yo soy uno tanguero viejo. My heart aches with fond memories when I hear “Poema”.

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