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Great source of tango music and tango related info!

November 30, 2007

I recently discovered a large resource for tango music and other tango related information on eSnips.

You can listen to a lot of tango music from the very very old – the earliest I found are from 1907! (e.g. Hotel Victoria) – to the latest neotango music. It’s easy to create and save your own playlists as well.

Some interesting resources to start with:

For anything else you can just search the name of any song and/or artist. It’s an amazing collection and everyone can contribute to it!


Ultra Cool D’Arienzo Video!

November 16, 2007

Just found this very cool video on youtube, Juan D’Arienzo is wild! This is just Rock ‘n’ Roll!
The song is “Loca”, and it’s recorded somewhere in the first half of the 1960’s:

Bajofondo: capturing the energy

November 2, 2007

On Halloween there was a Bajofondo concert in Hasselt, it was the second time this year that I saw them and as always it was an excellent and exciting concert, not to be missed! It’s so good to see the fun and pleasure that these guys have on stage. They were even wearing Halloween masks!
Moreover, I bought the new CD “Mar Dulce” and had it autographed by Santaolalla, Ferres and Supervielle! Yes! I’m happy 😉

I tried to capture the energy and action of the concert in photographs, just as I try to capture the action of tango dancing. I like to see movement in photographs so it’s not all sharp and crisp. It’s more impressionistic I guess…

Here are my attempts:

Martin Ferres:
Martin Ferres Martin Ferres bandoneon action

Ferres-Casacuberta with Halloween masks:
Ferres-Casacuberta Halloween Tango

Javier Casalla:
Javier Casalla Javier Casalla

VJ Veronica Loza dancing on stage:
Veronica Loza

DJ Supervielle:

The Audience:
audience blown away

Otros Aires in Antwerp

July 23, 2007

Yesterday I went to a Otros Aires concert in “Openluchttheater Rivierenhof” in Antwerp.

Tars Lootens Carlos Diaz and Zapatango Guitarist Carlos Diaz and Zapatango

Carlos Diaz’ MySpace Carlos Diaz Zapatango played before Otros Aires. I didn’t expect much of it but they were in fact rather good in their jazz-tango style. Not for dancing though…

Then came Otros Aires MySpace otrosaires !

Otros Aires

The music, electronic traditional tango’s and milonga’s, was so good that we couldn’t stay seated, after a few songs when they started “La Yumba” we jumped up and danced between the sitting audience and the stage.

Dancing Dancing Dancing Dancing

Many people followed our example. No dancer could stay seated on this music. The rough concrete floor was awful but the dancing very inspired 🙂

Watch Otros Aires on YouTube.

Google Maps See the places in this post.

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Emotional Electric Violins

July 17, 2007

These two great bands prominently use an electric violin to convey strong emotion with their music:

The first band is Dirty Three, I was blown away by their ferociously emotional songs when I saw them live on the Pukkelpop Festival in 1996. Very impressive! One of the few concerts I will never forget! Horse Stories is still one of my favorite CD’s.

Be blown away:

The second are Beltaine, a Polish band who play, mainly instrumental, Celtic folk rock with other influences. I saw them in a small pub in Warsaw, the “Kliper”, back in 2004. The crowd went crazy and asked for more and more and more, it was a very memorable concert. I Bought their first CD “Rockhill” right there at the concert. Their music always excites me and makes me happy. I’m looking forward to the second CD that should be released in September.
Check them out: audio and video on their website or on YouTube: