Have you ever searched for tango t-shirts?

Have you ever searched for tango t-shirts or tops?
Have you ever wanted to find a tango t-shirt without the cliched poses?
I know I have!

But I didn’t find many… That’s why I created a shirtcity shop because I could hardly find any good t-shirts with a tango theme to wear at milongas, or “in public” 😉 for that matter.
So I set about to create my own designs for t-shirts, tops, sweaters, etc.
I partnered with a specialized company (shirtcity.com) to handle the printing and all the logistics, so I could focus on the designs.

Here are some of my creations that are available at shirtcity, clicking them will bring you right into the shop:

neocouple pugliese-no-hands bandoneon

I know this sounded supiciously like a sales pitch, and it is of course 🙂
But it’s all true! So now just go buy a t-shirt will you! 😉


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One Response to “Have you ever searched for tango t-shirts?”

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