Bajofondo: capturing the energy

On Halloween there was a Bajofondo concert in Hasselt, it was the second time this year that I saw them and as always it was an excellent and exciting concert, not to be missed! It’s so good to see the fun and pleasure that these guys have on stage. They were even wearing Halloween masks!
Moreover, I bought the new CD “Mar Dulce” and had it autographed by Santaolalla, Ferres and Supervielle! Yes! I’m happy 😉

I tried to capture the energy and action of the concert in photographs, just as I try to capture the action of tango dancing. I like to see movement in photographs so it’s not all sharp and crisp. It’s more impressionistic I guess…

Here are my attempts:

Martin Ferres:
Martin Ferres Martin Ferres bandoneon action

Ferres-Casacuberta with Halloween masks:
Ferres-Casacuberta Halloween Tango

Javier Casalla:
Javier Casalla Javier Casalla

VJ Veronica Loza dancing on stage:
Veronica Loza

DJ Supervielle:

The Audience:
audience blown away



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