Warsaw milongas city trip

Last weekend I went to Warsaw with a tango friend from Brussels, mainly to dance tango and to visit some of our polish tango friends. We stayed in the Oki Doki Hostel, in the new center of Warsaw and close to all the milongas.

It was not my first visit to Warsaw and I remembered a reasonable level of tango there, not exceptional, but I was also much less experienced at the time. So without too high expectations we prepared for our first milonga on friday night, Chłodnej Milonga.

Chłodnej Milonga

A nice big floor and to our delight good music and quite a few very good polish tangueras. ‘Comme Il Faut’ shoes seemed to be very common 🙂
See a video of this milonga on Youtube.

This was an excellent introduction to the warsaw tango community! Almost every tanguera we danced with asked if we would come to the Sunday afternoon milonga as well, it was their favorite and the best in Warsaw. Unfortunately our plans were to go to Kraków on Sunday and dance there…
But the seeds of doubt were planted in our heads, also because of my bad tango experience in Kraków before the summer. So on Saturday morning we decided to leave Kraków for another city trip and stay in Warsaw!

On Saturday we went to the Złota Milonga (Golden Milonga).

Złota Milonga

A round room, a quite slippery floor and a lot of ‘tango decoration’. We were quite early and there seemed to be only a few beginners dancing, we feared for the worst… But then all our favorite tangueras from friday arrived! The music was good again (thank you DJ Luiza, for the music and for the very nice tandas that we danced!) and it turned into the milonga with the most fun!

On Sunday we went to the much anticipated ‘Comme Il Faut’ afternoon milonga in ‘Klub 55’ in the Palace of Culture and Science.

Milonga Comme Il Faut

This place had the most ‘real’ tango atmosphere with only very traditional music by DJ Radek, who danced in Brussels milongas a few times already. It was not as big as the other venues, with a good floor, all our favorite tangueras were present and a few new ones were written on our favorites list. This was clearly the milonga where all the good dancers came, also a lot more good male dancers than the other milongas.
Check Pawel’s pictures of this milonga.

On Saturday night Luiza had invited us to come to her Sunday night milonga as well, but we were just too hungry and tired after the ‘Comme Il Faut’ milonga (I’m sorry, Luiza …)

We’ll certainly return to Warsaw for tango, if you want to try out the Warsaw tango community check Akademia Tanga Argentynskiego or the milongas page at Blautango, we highly recommend it!

Google Maps See a map with the locations in this post


3 Responses to “Warsaw milongas city trip”

  1. Monika Says:

    Thanks for recommending my website 🙂

  2. petere Says:

    Thanks for mentioning my post in the Tango in Poland Yahoo group 🙂

  3. ephy Says:

    i guess you wrer born with 15 years og tango’s expirience, and never were a bigginer…
    your report is so patronizing that makes me sick.
    a real tangero would respect every one that is trying to dance or love dancing , no matter what is his dancing level.
    shame on you.

    by the way , i am dancing few good years.

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