“Are you a good dancer?”, she asked.

A woman walks up to me:

“Are you a good dancer?”


That was the weirdest way anyone ever asked me to dance…

“I haven’t danced for a while and otherwise I go crazy.”

“oh… you haven’t danced yet tonight?”

“yes I have, but it’s been a while.”

“u huh…”

I must admit that it was an open air milonga with lots of unknown people, beginners and non-dancers, but still…
And she was not so experienced as I found out.


5 Responses to ““Are you a good dancer?”, she asked.”

  1. Q Says:

    Well, are you?

  2. petere Says:

    I prefer to leave that answer to others 🙂

  3. tangospeak Says:

    It is a weird question: how is someone supposed to answer that without damning themselves? Yes means you’re egotistical, no means you’ve no self-confidence.

    I would have said, “dance with me and you’ll find out.”

  4. dekay Says:

    Weird question indeed. And, being tango and a woman asking you to dance, no matter how good she is, this usually has a stench on it that overshadows the dance itself, doesn’t it?

    What would the ladies do if a guy comes up to them and asks “are you a good follower?”

    Odd enough.

  5. petere Says:

    Indeed it overshadowed the dance, normally I’m without expectations and open for what the dance will bring, but in this case… and the expectations where not met.
    By the way the milonga was already halfway, she could have just watched the floor for dancers she liked, I mean, that’s what everyone does, right? You see who dances well, you don’t ask them…

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