Otros Aires in Antwerp

Yesterday I went to a Otros Aires concert in “Openluchttheater Rivierenhof” in Antwerp.

Tars Lootens Carlos Diaz and Zapatango Guitarist Carlos Diaz and Zapatango

Carlos Diaz’ MySpace Carlos Diaz Zapatango played before Otros Aires. I didn’t expect much of it but they were in fact rather good in their jazz-tango style. Not for dancing though…

Then came Otros Aires MySpace otrosaires !

Otros Aires

The music, electronic traditional tango’s and milonga’s, was so good that we couldn’t stay seated, after a few songs when they started “La Yumba” we jumped up and danced between the sitting audience and the stage.

Dancing Dancing Dancing Dancing

Many people followed our example. No dancer could stay seated on this music. The rough concrete floor was awful but the dancing very inspired 🙂

Watch Otros Aires on YouTube.

Google Maps See the places in this post.

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