Paris Renaissance Tango Festival 2007

Last weekend: Paris Renaissance Tango Festival!
We went to 2 milongas at the Cabaret Sauvage, a very nice tango location with a round dancefloor, which is disorienting when you stop dancing, because you never know where you are. At least it’s very easy to follow the line of dance 🙂

On friday it was like an average milonga, the music was not exceptionally good, I had expected more people, but it was good for warming up and getting acquainted with the people.
I didn’t like the demo’s so much: Claudia y Esteban and Céline y Damian. All this neotango stuff on very slow music, it’s not my thing. These people can dance very well and Céline was very elegant, but something is missing in their choreographies, they don’t convince me.

On saturday the demo’s were neotango as well, but they were good! Which was to be expected with names like Fabian Salas, Sebastian Arce and Chicho.
These guys and their partners, they have fun, they are inventive and they play with the music. It was a joy to watch, even if you’re not a neotango fan.

Before the milonga we had dinner in an italian restaurant, there was a large group of italians invading the restaurant, they turned out to be the Ensemble Hyperion tango orchestra!
The milonga was very good as well, Ensemble Hyperion is a good orchestra, the DJ played excellent music, it was quite crowded but there was a good flow on the floor, very high level dancers, and I enjoyed some very good tandas. We stayed until the end at 5:10, everyone was disappointed that it was already finished…

These videos are not taken in Paris, but they give a good impression of what it was like:
Fabian Salas

Sebastian Arce (“Enjoy the Silence” by Tanghetto)

Chicho (great on one of my favorite songs: “Poema” by Canaro)

Never enough Chicho 😉 (“Plano secuencia” by Narcotango)


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