Benelux tango dance regional championship

Last weekend the very first “Tango Dance Regional Championship” for the Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg) aka “Brussels Tango Marathon”, for amateurs and professionals alike, was organized by Tango in Brussels.
Dancers could compete in 2 categories: Tango Salon and Tango Escenario. The champions in each category won a free trip to the world championship in Buenos Aires.

In the “Tango salon” category 10 couples participated, the rules were quite strict, no fancy stuff allowed:

– The couple cannot break the embrace
– Ganchos, leaps, trepadas and any other typical tango escenario choreography are absolutely excluded
– No dancer may raise his/her leg above the knee line

The main qualification criteria were:

musicality, elegance and walking style

The Jury
The jury (Mingo Pugliese, Ana Maria Gutierrez and Susana Rojo) came over from Buenos Aires.

The couples danced in 2 groups for four songs (the first song was just to get into it, the next three were the real thing). From the 2 groups 5 couples were selected for the final.

Friends from the Brussels tango scene were participating and, although I’m not into dancing competitions at all, I decided at the last moment to join in with Nina:

Nathalie and Andres Dorothée and James Viviane and Marcelo
Laurence and Richard Martine and Didier Nina and Peter

Due to the rules the dancing had to be sober and it was a challenge to be expressive.
In the afternoon we practiced intensively at the Kiosk in the Royal Park with the iPod – one earplug each 🙂

The Kiosk at a summer milonga.

Nina had a feeling that Canaro’s “Poema” would be played, a song we both love (Listen to “Poema”). And sure enough: the first song was “Poema”! We smiled and started dancing.
I don’t remember the other songs, but I didn’t really “get into it” enough and afterwards regretted that I had danced really too small and spartan… The stress, the concentration and the attention to every detail of posture and walking, it didn’t contribute to a very natural dance. I need to work a lot to make a chance. At least my legs didn’t tremble and I was stable 🙂

Congratulations to our new Tango Salon Champions: Nathalie and Andres from the popular Tango Bar in Brussels.

Nathalie and Andres
Tango Salon Champions Nathalie and Andres

If you are a tango dancer and in Brussels on a Wednesday night, go to Tango Bar, I’ll be there!

[All pictures by Peter Forret]

3 Responses to “Benelux tango dance regional championship”

  1. Fishnets Says:

    Brussels Tango Marathon

    There’s an interesting write-up of the Tango Dance Regional Championship over on Universalis. And there’s some simply stunning photos of the event in a photoset by Peter Forret, including the image I’ve used to the left.

  2. Poema « Universalis Says:

    […] Canaro’s “Poema” is everywhere these days, it was the warm-up song on the Benelux Tango Championship, it’s used in demo’s, it’s on every milonga, last night at La Tangueria DJ […]

  3. drenka Says:

    The best part of the whole even was definitely the practice in the Kiosk.

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