Berlin Tango Festival 2007

Went to the Tango Festival in Berlin last weekend with a group of 6. The weekend started with missing our flight due to a traffic jam, so we had to drive all the way to Berlin… But we had a lot of fun anyway. Long live the iPod for entertainment on a long car trip 🙂
Since we are all complete tango addicts, we went straight to the milonga on arrival in Berlin around 4 in the morning.

I did only one workshop, but it was a great one about playing with the axis with Pablo Inza and Moira Castellano (here they dance very nicely to Canaro’s beautiful ‘Poema’). We did mainly exercises on feeling the axis, going out and coming back. Very interesting. And one very simple figure: a volcada from the 4th step of the crossed basic. But it was such a good workshop, I think I finally grasped what I need to do volcadas properly.

Milonga at Ballhaus Rixdorf Ballhaus Rixdorf

The milongas of the festival were, of course, very crowded, only after 3 or 4 in the morning did you get some space without dangerous “terminators” on the floor. The monday milonga was the best, but I never really liked the DJ’s on any of the milonga’s. Their choice of music was not so good as well as the sequence of the songs, they didn’t create a good flow.

Ballhaus Rixdorf Ballhaus Rixdorf

We were saying that there was more real tango atmosphere in the afternoon Tango Café, just with a CD playing, than on the milongas. Unfortunately they had a very very limited choice of drinks…

Tango Café The Tango Café.

We had a very good time, a lot of dancing, stayed in the nice Friedrichshain district of East-Berlin in the recommended Lodge Berlin (Gabriel Max Strasse 2, 10245 Berlin) and ate at the excellent Italian restaurant “Miseria & Nobilta” (Kopernikusstrasse 16, 10245 Berlin) that I must recommend to everyone.

Mystery bed
Lodge Berlin bedroom, still sleeping at noon…

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