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Discovering the classic tango’s: Demare

May 4, 2007

I love the voice of Raúl Berón!
I’m a longtime fan of his songs with Miguel Caló like “Al compás del corazón“, “Lejos de Buenos Aires“, “Jamas retornaras” or “Qué te importa que te llore” from the great CD Al Compas Del Corazon.
(playlist of these songs)

After working with Caló he sang with other orchestras as well, most notably with Lucio Demare (on CD: Sus Exitos Con Raul Beron or Grandes Exitos Con Miranda, Beron y Quintana)
and Aníbal Troilo. Troilo is for a future post.

I started listening to Demare for 2 reasons: the first is Berón, the second is also Berón … through the wonderful candombe “Carnavalito” (sample, unfortunately the sample is too short to hear the singing). I don’t like all candombes for dancing but I do love that song. I found it on the candombe compilation Tango Negro, Candombes Y Rumbas argentinas, while looking into Francisco Lomuto who recorded a lot of candombe.
Another very nice candombe by Demare from the same CD is “Negra María”.

Demare played such sweet and romantic tango’s, they are great, certainly in combination with Berón’s smooth voice. There is unfortunately only one song of Demare with Berón on TodoTango, but it’s a nice one: “El Barco María”.

Demare’s songs with Juan Carlos Miranda are also really good dancing material, “Mañana zarpa un barco”, “Pa’ mí es igual”, “Sorbos amargos” and the vals “Nunca supe por qué”.
And don’t forget “Se va una tarde más” with Horacio Quintana!
(playlist of all the songs in this paragraph)

Demare also composed the famous tango “Malena” (who is Malena?, in spanish). Every tango lover must know the sentence

Malena canta el tango como ninguna y en cada verso pone su corazón.

(Malena sings the tango like no one else and she puts her heart in every verse) …

There are many versions of this song, even one with Berón! (sample Troilo/Berón).
Here is the version of Demare with Miranda with the complete lyrics translated into english.

[The samples are in Real Media format from, download the player if they don’t work]