Discovering the classic tango’s: Lomuto

In my previous “discovering” post I said that I was probably going to look more into Francisco Canaro. But when I went through my Canaro mp3’s I saw a series of songs by Canaro and Lomuto (from Charlo Canta Con Francisco Canaro Y Francisco Lomuto). I really liked “Con tu mirar” (sample), which is actually played by Canaro, but it made me aware of Francisco Lomuto. Apparently Lomuto and Canaro were friends and Lomuto actually played in Canaro’s orchestra for a while.

A few days later while I was looking for Canaro’s “La Melodia de Nuestro Adios” for a compilation I was making for a friend (sample from the CD La Melodia de Nuestro Adios). I didn’t have it in my collection, but it happens that Lomuto recorded a very nice version of this song with singer Jorge Omar (sample from the CD RCA Club). I really like it, I find that it is smoother and has more intense emotion than Canaro’s version.
And then I saw that Lomuto also plays this superb version of “Quiero Verte Una Vez Mas” (sample from the CD Coleccion 78 RPM: 1931-1950) which is one of my favorites! Now I’m a fan of Lomuto! 😉

I selected some Lomuto songs from “A la Gran Muñeca” is nice, it’s always a great instrumental song but here it is sung by Jorge Omar. I also like “El Barco Maria” and this great version of “Zorro gris”.

[The samples are in Real Media format from, download the player if they don’t work]


4 Responses to “Discovering the classic tango’s: Lomuto”

  1. Mary Campbell Says:

    Where do you find the RCA club CD for Lomuto’s Quiero Verte Una Vez Mas with Jorge Omar?

  2. petere Says:

    As far as I know there is only a version with Fernando Díaz, not with Jorge Omar. You should be able to find the CD at, but it’s temporarily offline apparently.

    • Mary Campbell Says:

      Thanks, We watched a show online at the Sunderland Club and they have the wrong singer ! Hence the confusion ~ now all sorted.
      This couple is coming to Toronto so we look forward to seeing them dance in person!


      • petere Says:

        Yes, it’s definitely the Lomuto/Diaz version. Most of the songs on the RCA Club CD are with Omar, hence the confusion probably.
        Nice dancing, enjoy them in Toronto!

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