Brussels Tango Festival 2007

The festival is over again… I’m tired but very satisfied. I went to four milongas from Thursday until Sunday and had the best dances on Sunday.

  • Thursday was “shiny happy people”, everyone excited, dressed in their best tango clothes and looking forward to the next days.
  • Friday was good but many people said they were in not so good shape, just like me. Nevertheless Quinteto Zárate played excellent dance music that I tremendously enjoyed. And Pablo and Dana did a great demonstration as always.
  • Saturday was very crowded, Sexteto Veritango was not as exciting to dance to as Zárate, but most people seemed to like it a lot. Julio and Corina stood out with their demonstration of classic tango. Julio is a great dancer but I heared some women who danced with him complain that he only did giro’s… indeed he does a lot of them 🙂
    Our own Vincent and Maryline were in good shape as well, I especially liked their first demo on D’Arienzo a lot.
    Anyway, despite the annoyances of the crowded floor everyone was in good shape and the floor was still quite full at 4 am when the milonga stopped at Albert Hall and Vincent proposed to continue dancing at his place: Cellule 133A.
  • Sunday was nice, good music, good dances, enchanting location, add to that the unforgettable improvisation of Dana and Vincent and there couldn’t have been a better end to the festival for me.

Check out the Brussels Tango Festival Blog, there are many pictures and videos available, also try the “brusselstangofestival” tag on YouTube and Flickr.

I made some videos at the milongas, the first one on Friday. Some of the performers are dancing in this video: Vincent Morelle, Pablo Villarraza and Julio Balmaceda with Céline Ruiz.

The next one was filmed on Saturday:

I’ll add the one I made on Sunday later, it’s too dark and first needs some gamma correction.

Update: here it is, quality is pretty bad due to the corrections and conversions…


2 Responses to “Brussels Tango Festival 2007”

  1. Peter Forret Says:

    Check out the video of Dana and Vincent improvising on
    It was indeed splendid. I still smile when I think about it.

  2. Exhibition Night I (2007): more video at Brussels Tango Festival Says:

    […] Peter) « Exhibition Night I (2007): the videos Exhibition Night II (2007): the photos […]

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