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Tango calendars update

April 22, 2007

With the resurrection of by Peter Forret (good luck Peter!) I updated my “Where to dance tango in Belgium” page with the new calendar and at the same time added a new milonga in Namur to the tango locations in Wallonia .


Discovering the classic tango’s: Lomuto

April 21, 2007

In my previous “discovering” post I said that I was probably going to look more into Francisco Canaro. But when I went through my Canaro mp3’s I saw a series of songs by Canaro and Lomuto (from Charlo Canta Con Francisco Canaro Y Francisco Lomuto). I really liked “Con tu mirar” (sample), which is actually played by Canaro, but it made me aware of Francisco Lomuto. Apparently Lomuto and Canaro were friends and Lomuto actually played in Canaro’s orchestra for a while.

A few days later while I was looking for Canaro’s “La Melodia de Nuestro Adios” for a compilation I was making for a friend (sample from the CD La Melodia de Nuestro Adios). I didn’t have it in my collection, but it happens that Lomuto recorded a very nice version of this song with singer Jorge Omar (sample from the CD RCA Club). I really like it, I find that it is smoother and has more intense emotion than Canaro’s version.
And then I saw that Lomuto also plays this superb version of “Quiero Verte Una Vez Mas” (sample from the CD Coleccion 78 RPM: 1931-1950) which is one of my favorites! Now I’m a fan of Lomuto! 😉

I selected some Lomuto songs from “A la Gran Muñeca” is nice, it’s always a great instrumental song but here it is sung by Jorge Omar. I also like “El Barco Maria” and this great version of “Zorro gris”.

[The samples are in Real Media format from, download the player if they don’t work]

Brussels Tango Festival 2007

April 3, 2007

The festival is over again… I’m tired but very satisfied. I went to four milongas from Thursday until Sunday and had the best dances on Sunday.

  • Thursday was “shiny happy people”, everyone excited, dressed in their best tango clothes and looking forward to the next days.
  • Friday was good but many people said they were in not so good shape, just like me. Nevertheless Quinteto Zárate played excellent dance music that I tremendously enjoyed. And Pablo and Dana did a great demonstration as always.
  • Saturday was very crowded, Sexteto Veritango was not as exciting to dance to as Zárate, but most people seemed to like it a lot. Julio and Corina stood out with their demonstration of classic tango. Julio is a great dancer but I heared some women who danced with him complain that he only did giro’s… indeed he does a lot of them 🙂
    Our own Vincent and Maryline were in good shape as well, I especially liked their first demo on D’Arienzo a lot.
    Anyway, despite the annoyances of the crowded floor everyone was in good shape and the floor was still quite full at 4 am when the milonga stopped at Albert Hall and Vincent proposed to continue dancing at his place: Cellule 133A.
  • Sunday was nice, good music, good dances, enchanting location, add to that the unforgettable improvisation of Dana and Vincent and there couldn’t have been a better end to the festival for me.

Check out the Brussels Tango Festival Blog, there are many pictures and videos available, also try the “brusselstangofestival” tag on YouTube and Flickr.

I made some videos at the milongas, the first one on Friday. Some of the performers are dancing in this video: Vincent Morelle, Pablo Villarraza and Julio Balmaceda with Céline Ruiz.

The next one was filmed on Saturday:

I’ll add the one I made on Sunday later, it’s too dark and first needs some gamma correction.

Update: here it is, quality is pretty bad due to the corrections and conversions…