Switching from Bloglines to Netvibes

I’ve been using Bloglines to read my RSS feeds for quite a while now. But since I started using Netvibes last year, I gradually moved all the feeds related to my personal interests to Netvibes. Feeds related only to my professional activities were still in Bloglines but now I just moved everything to Netvibes.

Netvibes is very cool and useful because you can really make integrated multimedia pages with feeds and Flickr and YouTube queries and more for all the topics that you want to follow. Each tab page immediately gives an overview of what’s new and mouseover popups show the first lines of a post. And at the same time you can see if you have new mail, make notes, store files, see the weather forecast, read a daily Garfield comic, etc.
It’s all so much smoother and more usable, Bloglines just got boring and a drag to use…
It took some trial and error to optimize it to my needs but now it’s an excellent desktop experience and above all it’s available to me on every computer with an Internet connection!


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One Response to “Switching from Bloglines to Netvibes”

  1. kabababrubarta Says:

    Good site! kabababrubarta

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