Brussels tango video on youtube

Update: We are lucky! user francoispettiaux posted the same and more videos of the Brussels Tango Festival 2006 demo’s.
Update: Unfortunately c1885 has removed all his movies from YouTube 😦

YouTube user c1885 has uploaded some nice videos of the Brussels Tango Festival 2006 milonga’s and demo’s:
Mecha y El Pajaro in Albert Hall (Orquesta Tipica Victor – Milonga de los fortines), very nice with some funny steps

Claudia y Esteban during a workshop in Albert Hall (Pugliese – La Tupungatina)

The opening milonga at Galerie Louise. I’m in there in the beginning and around 02:01, dancing with D. and with better posture then at Les Bains (see below) πŸ˜‰

And also a video of the milonga at Les Bains Connectives when Lautaro y Lucila where there. The song is the beautiful Jamas Retornaras by Miguel CalΓ³. I’m in there somewhere in the back dancing with A. (damn I need to keep my head up… πŸ™‚ )

I certainly hope more is coming!

Update: And more came!
2 demo’s by the playful and lovely Pablo y Dana, you get a smile on your face just by watching them dance

I added links to the milonga videos to my tango home page.

Find more Brussels Tango Videos on YouTube



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