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Tango Antwerpen video on YouTube

November 29, 2006

There are some tango videos from Antwerpen available on YouTube but they are hard to find because they are not so well tagged, and that’s a big understatement 🙂 .
So I decided to create a public playlist “Tango Antwerpen” that I intend to maintain.

Most of the videos are demo’s (at Kattendijk, El Sur, Roma, …), by either local teachers or argentine couples.
But I always like video’s from milonga’s, it’s nice to recognize people or experience the atmosphere, like this one of the open air Boudewijntango (view this place in Google Earth or in Google Maps):

If you know of other tango videos from Antwerpen on youTube please leave a reply with a link so I can add them.

I also linked to the playlist on my “where to dance tango in Belgium” page.


Brussels tango video on youtube

November 24, 2006

Update: We are lucky! user francoispettiaux posted the same and more videos of the Brussels Tango Festival 2006 demo’s.
Update: Unfortunately c1885 has removed all his movies from YouTube 😦

YouTube user c1885 has uploaded some nice videos of the Brussels Tango Festival 2006 milonga’s and demo’s:
Mecha y El Pajaro in Albert Hall (Orquesta Tipica Victor – Milonga de los fortines), very nice with some funny steps

Claudia y Esteban during a workshop in Albert Hall (Pugliese – La Tupungatina)

The opening milonga at Galerie Louise. I’m in there in the beginning and around 02:01, dancing with D. and with better posture then at Les Bains (see below) 😉

And also a video of the milonga at Les Bains Connectives when Lautaro y Lucila where there. The song is the beautiful Jamas Retornaras by Miguel Caló. I’m in there somewhere in the back dancing with A. (damn I need to keep my head up… 🙂 )

I certainly hope more is coming!

Update: And more came!
2 demo’s by the playful and lovely Pablo y Dana, you get a smile on your face just by watching them dance

I added links to the milonga videos to my tango home page.

Find more Brussels Tango Videos on YouTube

Videos for all neotango artists

November 12, 2006

I added links to YouTube videos for all neotango artists (Gotan Project, Carlos Libedinsky, Otros Aires, Tango Crash, Bajofondo Tango Club, Supervielle) that are reviewed on my tango music page.

ISBN/EAN lookup – Amazon/Bol mashup bookshelf

November 7, 2006

I added a very simple virtual bookshelf to the ISBN/EAN lookup – Amazon/Bol mashup so you can see which books other people have looked up.

I’m also thinking about using WorldCat’s xisbn service to find and use associated ISBN’s, for instance the dutch translation of an english book.
I could maybe use it to try to find a cover in another language for books that have no cover in Bol or Amazon for the original ISBN… Other suggestions are

Tango Crash review and Links to MySpace

November 3, 2006

I added Tango Crash to the Neotango section:

Tango Crash is a quite successful mix of Tango + Jazz + Electronica. “La Yumba (Remix)” is great and exciting to dance…

I also decided to add links to artist or fan pages on MySpace (with this icon ) whenever possible because they often offer the possibility to listen to mp3’s and have more or other information than the official artist website.