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Google Trends analysis helps increase AdSense income

August 24, 2006

Google trends helped me a lot with a very simple optimization that increased my website’s traffic (and my adsense income!) with 1/3.

My astrotest website (in dutch only, I’m working on an english version) used to draw quite some traffic on the search term “sterrebeeld”, meaning “starsign”.
But in dutch this word is commonly spelled in 2 ways, the other way being “sterrenbeeld” with an additional ‘n’ in the middle. This is due to a recent spelling reform, but I won’t go into that topic…

With a Google trends comparison I found out that ‘sterrenbeeld’ was far more common as a search term than ‘sterrebeeld’:
sterrebeeld vs. sterrenbeeld

Thus the very simple optimization of replacing “sterrebeeld” with the much more popular “sterrenbeeld” on every page of my website (and waiting for Google to reindex the site) increased my traffic and my income!
It can be worth checking that you are using the most popular spelling of important keywords (or even use both)!


Where to dance tango in Belgium? – Waar tango dansen in Belgie?

August 22, 2006

Here’s my new tango page with Google Earth and Google Maps links to milonga’s (tango places) in Belgium. There are also calendars, mailing lists and pictures as well as my favorite tango music.
The layout is still subject to change while my sister, who is a graphic designer, reviews it and ‘suggests’ some changes.

Thank you belgeoblog to write a small piece on my tango maps page!

Update: My tango maps were mentioned on Google Maps Mania!

Worldcat bibliographic info lookup and Amazon thumbnail Mashup

August 22, 2006

I made a very simple experimental AJAX page to lookup bibliographic book information by ISBN or EAN in WorldCat and mashed it up with a thumbnail of the book cover from Amazon and for other languages than english. Check it out!
If I had a barcode scanner I could automatically catalog my books with this page by logging the bibliographic info in a text file and importing it into a spreadsheet or database program.

Dutch version:
Zoek een boek op ISBN of EAN barcode in WorldCat en krijg de bibliografische metadata samen met een afbeelding van de boekomslag van Amazon en/of