principles of Web 2.0

If you want your site to have a Web 2.0 look: Building your own Web 2.0 layout

And just to remind myself: Architectural and behavioral principles of the Web 2.0 era (From superpatron‘s blog):

• Provide services, not packaged software

• Seek to own unique data for competitive advantage

• Design for user participation, e.g. let users add value by supplementing library-created metadata with user-created metadata

• Design for remixability. Encourage “mashups” and service recombination

• Adopt perpetual test model and release new features as soon as they are available

• Trust users as co-developers, i.e. release new features on a monthly, weekly, or even daily basis, and remove features that are not being adopted by users

Update: Just don’t overdo it 😉

Update: I just did a small Web 2.0 makeover of my Astrotest website, but I’m still in doubt on the link colors… blueish? or greenish? or reddish?

Update: A web 2.0 generator! Funny and even useful.

Update: A howto of web 2.0 design features.



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