Reading and writing will become obsolete skills

A quote from a very interesting read “Thoughteracy for All”, M.O. Thirunarayanan:

Practically all segments of society values the skills of reading and writing.
This is because no other alternatives to learning have existed since the invention of alphabet systems.

Now technology offers an alternative, a viable, cost-effective, sensible, inclusive, and achievable alternative.
Based on advances in technology, it can be argued that it is no longer necessary to speculate if reading and writing will become obsolete skills. The question that remains to be answered is ‘when will reading and writing become obsolete skills’?

From Tom Keays Blog

Update: Of course let’s not forget that life and society, luckily, is not technology driven.


One Response to “Reading and writing will become obsolete skills”

  1. brandon Says:

    WTF this is sooo useless SUCK LOSER

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