Homo futuris

Last december I saw a feature on television (“Overleven” on Canvas, Belgium) on the continuing evolution of the human species, they (Marie-Josephe Deshaye and Anne Dambricourt) stated that evolution is a consequence of changes in the human body, specifically one bone at the base of the skull. And we would get higher foreheads and a ‘withdrawing’ [I don’t know if that’s the correct word] lower jaw.


Now there’s an article on BBC News on the higher foreheads since the middle ages: Time changes modern human’s face: “modern people possess less prominent features but higher foreheads than our medieval ancestors”.

This is the original article:
W. P. Rock, A. M. Sabieha and R. I. W. Evans. 2006. A cephalometric comparison of skulls from the fourteenth, sixteenth and twentieth centuries. British Dental Journal. 200, 33-37. (abstract)

Looks like our children will have high foreheads and look like aliens 🙂


Update 19-02-2006:
I added more references to the text above.
Findings of the Global History of Health Project support exactly the same development, there is an article about it in The Sunday Times Scientists show we’ve been losing face for 10,000 years. The article also mentions other studies that find the same effect.

Another related interesting study:
Johnston, D. J. et al. 2005. The influence of lower face vertical proportion on facial attractiveness. European Journal of Orthodontics. 27 (4) pp. 349-354(6).

Update 23-10-2007:
The documentary was on television a second time on 29-07-2007.
More information, background, discussion and critique on 2 forums (in dutch):

Update 19-02-2008:
Canvas has a new website, the old links don’t work anymore so I removed them. I also added pictures that I saved from the Canvas page before it went down.



19 Responses to “Homo futuris”

  1. Daan Says:

    Hello there,

    Any idea how I can get a hold of that documentary Homo Futuris so that I can watch it too?


    • Arjun singh Says:

      hello fnds,

      A blue print of homo futuris is that there cerebrum part of the brain will be 40 times of our present one but at the same time there cerebellum part would be decreased that means they would be very very extraordinary but there would not be any kind of body structure and rigidity i.e. they are a big extraordinary meat ball..they cannot loco mote..

  2. petere Says:

    You can probably get a copy at canvas.be:

  3. megan heazlewood Says:

    Yes! I really found this documentary fascinating and I would like to aquire a copy for myself too. Do you have any information on where I can purchase a copy? Much apreciated.

  4. Hendrik Says:

    I am very interested in a copy of thedocumentary Homo Futuris. Have you any idea where I can get a copy.

  5. petere Says:

    If you live in Belgium and have digital TV from Belgacom or Telenet you can use the service “ooit gemist”.

  6. Mercedes Anzures Says:

    Vivo en México. Ayer (domingo 30 marzo) oasaron el documental. Es interesantísimo. Me gustaría poder conseguir una copia ¿alguien sabe como?. gracias

  7. Carl Says:

    When I read the title to the article from the Sunday Times, I thought…”the Chinese are going to be in trouble. If we’re been “losing face” for 10,000 years, and knowing the Chinese propensity for wanting to “save face”, they’re going to be awfully contrite and embarassed about it all 😛 :-)”

    Seriously, though, it was a great documentary. Actually it was on TV today (SBS – Australia), and it was good to watch it over again.

  8. Dr Abigail Abbott Says:

    WOW…………I am a Cranio Sacral Osteopath, and this is what we do. We are concerned with the fluid mechanics of the Occiput and Sphenoid and the relationship of this ‘cranial base’ to the dura, brain, spinal cord, sacrum, and flow of cerebrospinal fluid…..to allow free flexion/extension motion.

    Much research has been done, but it has been a challenge to gel the findings of cranio sacral osteopathy with current scientific models of the function of the skull.

    We aim with treatment to restore motion to the SBS – sphenobasilar symphysis (joint between the occiput and sphenoid)

  9. sandro Says:

    ola me gusto el documental me gustaria saber mas soobre eso

  10. sandro Says:

    soy de mexico8i`m from mexico

  11. B Says:

    I think Asians are quite futuristic. They are the most modern.
    And no I am not Asian.

  12. Dee Dee Says:

    I think homo futuris can really be a greater success than modern homo sapiens. They probably will be more evolved than us in all ways. Future certainly will be bright with homo futuris!!

  13. Vinnie Says:

    well I’m a homo futuris and I had my lower jaw moved forward because otherwise I never would have been able to eat properly. My forehead is indeed quite big and I can’t complain.

  14. karpe gokul Says:

    I also agree in this information

  15. karpe gokul Says:

    I think am seen homo futaralis.thatwas look similar as alian.In asia in auragabad ,im also form aurangabad

  16. Julie Says:

    Was wondering where you found that gorgeous image of the sphenobasilar joint?!

  17. petere Says:

    Hi Julie, I wrote this 10 years ago… I’m not sure but I believe that the image was in the announcement of the television show on canvas.be. Don’t know where they got it, their old website is long gone.

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