Have you ever searched for tango t-shirts?

August 27, 2009

Have you ever searched for tango t-shirts or tops?
Have you ever wanted to find a tango t-shirt without the cliched poses?
I know I have!

But I didn’t find many… That’s why I created a shirtcity shop because I could hardly find any good t-shirts with a tango theme to wear at milongas, or “in public” 😉 for that matter.
So I set about to create my own designs for t-shirts, tops, sweaters, etc.
I partnered with a specialized company (shirtcity.com) to handle the printing and all the logistics, so I could focus on the designs.

Here are some of my creations that are available at shirtcity, clicking them will bring you right into the shop:

neocouple pugliese-no-hands bandoneon

I know this sounded supiciously like a sales pitch, and it is of course 🙂
But it’s all true! So now just go buy a t-shirt will you! 😉


On the cover of La Cadena!

June 6, 2008

Cool! I’m on the cover of THE tango magazine of the lowlands (The Netherlands and Belgium): La Cadena.

The picture was taken by Belgium’s best tango photographer Peter Forret, also maintainer of milonga.be.

Tango in medieval castle

April 6, 2008

This weekend is the Brussels Tango Festival, I’m going tonight and I went the first 2 days. The opening night was great with a good atmosphere. The second night was not ideal, the floor was sloping and slippery and sticky at the same time. It was of course too crowded with unexperienced dancers before the demos, but that got better after the demo’s as usual on friday and saturday.

Concert Noble Very nice opening night at Concert Noble.

But that’s not all, there was more tango in Belgium, yesterday, saturday, the first dance event in the past 200 years was organized in the Ovidius room at the charming medieval castle of Horst by El Rumbo.

A beautiful setting, the night was introduced by master story teller Ivo Hermans of De Koerier van Navarra, linking the castle to tango in his own very unique historical and poetic way. Overall a great night with the old El Rumbo gang 😉

Castle Tango

Great source of tango music and tango related info!

November 30, 2007

I recently discovered a large resource for tango music and other tango related information on eSnips.

You can listen to a lot of tango music from the very very old – the earliest I found are from 1907! (e.g. Hotel Victoria) – to the latest neotango music. It’s easy to create and save your own playlists as well.

Some interesting resources to start with:

For anything else you can just search the name of any song and/or artist. It’s an amazing collection and everyone can contribute to it!

Ultra Cool D’Arienzo Video!

November 16, 2007

Just found this very cool video on youtube, Juan D’Arienzo is wild! This is just Rock ‘n’ Roll!
The song is “Loca”, and it’s recorded somewhere in the first half of the 1960’s: